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RE: [IP] Attention Paradigm users

I wanted to bring something to the attention of people concerning 
Paradigm and/or MiniMed concerns...

I've heard it said that you don't go to the hospital to do research on 
the health of a nation.  Likewise, listening to the complaints against 
a pump or pump company among a group such as this isn't the best place 
to determine a track record.

Consider numbers.  MiniMed has a significant percentage of the market 
share...going by the numbers on IP, it has over 70% of the pump market 
(not sure how reflective that is overall).  Anyhow, let's say that 
there were 10000 pumpers in the world (chosen as a nice round number).  
7000 of them would have pumps through Minimed, versus the 6% (or 600 in 
this example) on the Animas pump.  Now, let's say that there is an 
average of 1 complaint out of 10 users.  That means you will here of 
700 complaints from MiniMed, versus only 60 from Animas.  So, just 
based on those numbers, you MIGHT get the impression that MiniMed has 
more problems...but in reality, it is still just 10%.  (Again, I'm 
making up numbers here for illustrative purposes.)

So, on this list, when people post problems with MiniMed and/or 
Paradigm...remember that there are far more people dealing with them 
than other pump companies, and so you will hear about more complaints, 
even though they are not necessarily any more or less reliable/quality.

Now, I'm not suggesting that those who have experienced poor 
service/etc. are making it up.  I truly believe they had a bad 
experience.  Yet, that doesn't necessarily mean it is reflective of 
them in general.  How many people are NOT posting here talking about 
how they DIDN'T experience problems?  I, for one, found working with 
MiniMed exceptionally easy, and have had not a single complaint with 
them nor the pump.  (I did experience one problem...but it ended up 
being my own fault, not theirs, although they helped me graciously over 
the phone.)

I'm not trying to defend MiniMed here...just trying to bring 
perspective.  I certainly can't speak to the quality of any other pump 
but my own, as is likely the case for most others here.  I think the 
Paradigm is a great pump and wouldn't consider switching to another 
model...but if I did, I might find that another pump is actually better 
for my needs and not know it.  Same is true for those who praise their 
Animas pump or Disetronic or whatever...if that is their only pump, all 
the praises in the world mean nothing when it comes down to a 
comparison UNLESS you have actually tried more than one brand of pump.

Now, as far as that list of "problems" reported against the 
Paradigm...if you re-look at the list carefully, you'll find that most 
of the complaints against it are rather silly, such as having to select 
U-100 versus U-50 insulin.  If they had gone a different route, there 
would be complaints that a user might switch insulins and forget to 
change the settings!  Prompting the user each time is actually a safety 
measure, but criticized as a safety flaw.  
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