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RE: [IP] Humalog ingredients

Hi Matt,
Many people in our society are becoming reactive to chemicals. I am one of
them. M cresol and phenol along with formaldehydes are just a few of the
chemicals my body cannot handle.
I became chemically injured by phenols when i worked in the field of
respiratory therapy back in the late 1960's because we used these chemicals
to sterilize our countertops and other things in our dept. This was back
before we had any MSDS sheets or were aware of the effects                 
some  of these chemicals could have on the human body. I am not able to use
some of the insulins with phenol as a preservative because I go into severe
reactions. My son is a chemist and has told me phenol is really a cheap
preservative to make and use in products as preservatives.  If I am exposed
to anything with phenol I go into severe life threatening asthma and other
I really wish the companies who make insulin would find a more safe
preservative. And would not laugh at me when i explain to them. I really
wish they would begin to understand that not everyone can handle the
preservatives used. 
The odor of some of the insulin trigger an asthma attack in me and my hubby
who has to fill the cartridges for me because of my reactions. I have to
use insulin to live but this also places my body in reactions. It is not
fun. I have to make myself sick in order to stay alive. There has to be a
better way.
I think it is wonderful people are becoming more aware of what is going
into their bodies and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) is one way we have
of understanding these chemicals. They really are not that difficult to
Anyway I just thought I would share :)
email @ redacted
CIIN= Chemical Injury Information Network

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> >Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 12:53:58 -0500
> >From: Nancy Jennings <email @ redacted>
> >Subject: [IP] Humalog Ingredients - phenol
> >Any chemist members?
> I am a working industrial chemist with a PhD in polymer chemistry.
> <snip>
> >I am now awaiting a return call so I can obtain more detailed
> >information.  I understand this may take 4 or 5 business days.  I did a
> >net search for M-cresol and feel a bit frightened with what I
> >found...eg. M-cresol is used in herbicides.
> Yes and nicotine is a major pesticide.  Because meta-cresol is used to
> weeds you are concerned because?
> >I would very much appreciate a chemist's direction to a reliable web
> >source or text that would tell me, in as plain language as possible,
> >what all these ingredients are.
> <snip>
> I would recommend "The Merck Index" which list most common chemicals
gives a
> brief description of physical properties and where the chemical is used. 
> may give some health data (LD50 which are doses that kill 50% of a test
> population).
> I don't know how to say this without appearing arrogant, so I just will.
> Why do you need this information?  Are you currently on Humalog and have
> symptoms?  Reading dangers of chemicals requires some experience.  An MSDS
> (material safety data sheet) for ethanol would have many people in
> suits with breathing systems.  But it turns out that ethanol is the
> of alcohol that many humans drink regularly (and occasionally die directly
> or indirectly from drinking).  A naive reader will find much to be
> about.  If you really want to enter the twilight zone you may want to see
> a local university library has RTECs - Registry of the Toxic Effects of
> Chemicals.  It lists all kinds of laboratory testing for effects of
> chemicals in a very dense, fairly unfriendly form, but guaranteed to give
> you sleepless nights if you are looking for something else to worry about.
> If you can form your concerns a little more specifically I would be happy
> try to help.
> Matt
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