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Re: [IP] smelly insulin...YUCK!

> > I have been pumping for about 4 years now..and have always hated the way
> > Humalog insulin smells when I am doing a set change. Does anyone have
> > suggestions on  how to clean the pump ( I have a MM 507C) to get that
> > smell out. I wish Lilly would copme out with a "scented"
> > that be beautiful!
> >
> Natural gas has no smell at all, but the companies put that "sulfuric"
> in to it to allow easy detections of leaks.   I'm not a chemist and am not
> familiar with what causes the odor of insulin, but I for one would prefer
> leaving the smell of it the way it is.  It is NEVER confused with any
> smell in my life and I know when I smell it there is very possibly a
> problem.  Of course  YNMV!     ;>)

I think the odor we smell is one of the preservatives that is used (it
certainly is not the insulin which is too high a molecular weight for an
odor). For a material that I am injecting into my body continuously, 24-7
for the rest of my life I do not want anything that I don't absolutely need
added to it.

Actually I have been confused by the odor a couple of times. It smell just
like Band-Aids.

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