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>>>We got new sets with a different lot number and presto chango no bent cannulas from set one. Amazing. I must admit that I was duplicitous at the end. They
wanted me to send the unused sets back to them. Oh I agreed on the phone but they never got them back. No way was I going to send those faulty cannulas
back so they could pass them onto some other unsuspecting pumper. As soon as the new ones arrived and we used a few sets with no problems I threw the old
ones in the trash.<<<

Though I have no personal experience with Disetronic, I really don't believe those unused ones that you returned would have been passed on to unsuspecting customers.  When a customer complains of a faulty infusion sets, they are legally required to file a report about it, and when and if they come in, carefully investigate the product to determine what the flaw was, if there were one.  

Chances are, they would have found the problem.  It likely would have helped other patients, too, because then they would be aware of the problem and might, perhaps be able to avoid it happening again in the manufacture of new ones.  But if not, they can at least be aware that it sometimes happens, so that maybe they would more quickly believe the next patient calling in with faulty cannulas.

If there were any question, I like George's idea of opening the packages before sending them in.  Then you have the peace of mind that they're not going out to someone else to give them trouble.

Kristen Olgren 
dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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