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[IP] bolusing for high-protein meal

I don't typically eat enough protein at a meal to have it blow my post-meal BGs, but every once in a while I want to eat a big serving of salmon or chicken and then I suffer for it 5-6 hours later when I go into the 200s.

I went back to the How-To section of IP and read the article on handling protein intake.  There's something in the article (under "Some Suggestions") I didn't understand and I'm hoping somebody can help.  There was this example given:

Suppose you eat 8 oz of steak. Each ounce of steak has 7g of protein. That makes 56g, so the suggestion was to multiply 56 by .6 (because roughly 60% of protein is supposedly converted to glucose) to get 34g...and then you bolus for that amount (the 34g) as if it were carbohydrate.  

What I don't understand is, how do you know each ounce of steak has 7g of protein?  Do all animal-protein sources contain 7g of protein per ounce?  So can I use that number for chicken or fish?  

thanks for the help!
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