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[IP] Pump Approval!

Ok....had to chime in...just found out today that my insurance approved my
pump upgrade from the H-TRONplus to the D-TRONplus!  Everything, including the
Dialog software & cable will be on my doorstep on Monday.

As a PS.....Verification Dept. wasn't hopeful of an approval.  I am 3 months
short of my 4yr anniversary, and was told that some ins co's. will stonewall
you, even with a letter of medical necessity, which i had, if you are short of
4 yrs.  Turns out, my 1st pump was purchased by BC/BS PPO....and since now I
am under BC/BS HMO this would be only their 1st pump purchase...and thus had
no problem with it.

Go figure.

In any case, I'll be eager to start.....who needs pump training...bah!

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