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Re: [IP] HELP!

In a message dated 11/6/02"Stephens, Janet" <email @ redacted> writes:

<< he told me that since I'm on the pump and in such good control that there 
is NO REASON!  that I should not have been able to have the quicker steroid 
treatment!  he said that next time I just need to raise my basal 40%-50% and 
also raise my bolus (as I found necessary) for a few days.  >>

Well, maybe.  YMMV-- mine sure did <gr.>.  I had 3 cortisone injections in my 
fingers on October 8.  Today, 29 days later, I am still not quite back to my 
normal insulin dose.  I needed approximate 3 time my basals and boluses the 
first few days, then a little over twice for a couple weeks, and have been 
jumping around ever since, flirting with my normal dose for short periods. If 
I were taking any kind of long-acting insulin, this past week would have been 
impossible.  I had had a number of steroid injections some years ago and 
didn't find it this variable, but the high insulin need (which then actually 
was only in the 40-50% range!) always lasted a good 2 weeks, not a few days.

Linda Z
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