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Re: [IP] Heredity and autoimmune illnesses

      From what I understand, what my daughter inherited was a predisposition 
to autoimmune illnesses, since I have had hypothyroidism for 30+ years. One 
night in a parents chat room, we discovered that 7 of 12 moms all had 
hypothyroidism. Even without  diabetes , it's not uncommon to see multiple 
family members with autoimmune conditions.
      The renowned Barbara Davis Center in Denver was started by Barbara & 
Marvin Davis after their daughter Dana was dx'd with diabetes. I recently 
read an article about Nancy Davis' foundation for multiple sclerosis 
research, from which she suffers......and she too is Barbara & Marvin Davis' 
     The viral infection your doctor mentioned is believed to be the 
"triggering & final" blow, but the process that led to the beta cells in the 
pancreas being attacked began well before that final "insult" to the body.
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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