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[IP] Answer to Mike Swaithes

This is in answer to Mike Swaithes who asked a question on my last post :
Attention Paradigm users
>Dianne, are you as happy with Animas as everyone else is?

Yes, we are very happy with our Animas pump.  We now have the IR1000. I
don't think it's readly available yet, but will be soon. We were just lucky
to be one of the first ones to obtain one. The changes from the R1000 are
button changes (less steps to take) and priming no longer has the long high
pitched noise it used to make, it just beeps in a low tone every few seconds
till it is completely primed.  When the new software, that can be purchased
seperately, comes out, the other features on it will be available to use. It
has an infrared window (Hence the name IR1000) in it to communicate with
your computer.  It actually will hook up to the computer via a cable that's
connected to a cradle that you put the pump in.  It will download all the
info from the pump.  It will give charts, graphs, show times of boluses,
amounts of boluses, basal rates, and more.  The software isn't out yet
though.  My rep told me about it and I went to the Diabetes Expo in
Southfield, MI this past week end and they were giving out the new
information packets that explained the new pump and the software available
for it.  Can't wait for the software to come out.
 Dianne, Mom to Johnny 10
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