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[IP] Leaving old sets in

>>> <snip> I just take it out at the same time after I put the new one in
(and do a 1 unit bolus to fill the new cannula).  Christy, I'm wondering if
that "one hour wait" is for a specific reason or "just the way you do it"?
<snip> I love sharing and learning all of these tid-bits with others who are
(maybe:-) interested!:-) over & out for now! --janet >>>

Well, Janet,

You'll love this tip that Michael also taught us. Leaving the old set in an
hour or two assures the insulin in the old site is absorbed. Some of us go
high after a change and this seems to eliminate that problem for some of us.
Of course, it's another YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) thingy. (~_^)

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