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RE: [IP] My first pump class

I DO THE SAME EXACT THING CHRISTY DOES!:-) -- I use a Disetronic H-tron+
My only variation is that (referring to Day 3 or 4 in msg below) I don't wait an hour to take out the "old" infusion site.  I just take it out at the same time after I put the new one in (and do a 1 unit bolus to fill the new cannula).  Christy, I'm wondering if that "one hour wait" is for a specific reason or "just the way you do it"?  Just curious:-)
And (referring to Day 7) I always wait until my insulin cartridge is completely empty before I change it and the tubing for a new one!  I've been able to save alot of insulin that way as it turns out!:-)  I always look to see how much insulin I have left and if I'm going to be away from home when I'm getting near the end of a cartridge I take the fresh cartridge and new tubing with me:-)  Since I get the prefilled cartridges delivered to me at home they are always ready and waiting!  I LOVE THAT!  SAVES SO MUCH TIME!  And no (or very minimal) bubbles to worry with in priming!  It takes me about 5 minutes to so a set (insulin & tubing) change with the majority of that time used during priming.
A cartridge of insulin which is ~305 units after priming, lasts me about 8-8 1/2 days.
I love sharing and learning all of these tid-bits with others who are (maybe:-) interested!:-)
over & out for now!
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)

-----Original Message-----
I use about 40 units of insulin per day, so here's
what I do. . .

Day 1: Completely fill reservoir (300 units, in my
case), prime the tubing, and insert a new infusion

Day 3 or 4: Disconnect pump from infusion site and
insert new site.  Reconnect pump (with same tubing and
reservoir) to the new site, and bolus an appropriate
amount to fill the cannula.  About an hour later, I
rip out the old infusion site.  At this point in the
week, I generally have about 120 - 150 units of
insulin left in the reservoir.

Day 7: When my reservoir is almost empty (or sometimes
totally empty), I completely fill a new reservoir and
insert a new infusion site with new tubing.  It's Day
1 all over again.

So, for every reservoir and tubing I use, I end up
using 2 infusion sites.  As I learned from this list,
you can order some infusion sets with twice as many
sites as sets of tubing.  (I order the
Comfort/Silhouette/Tenders that come with 5 complete
sets of tubing and sites, and 5 sets of extra sites.) 
Now I don't have miles of extra unused tubing lying in
my dresser drawers, and I only lose a couple of units
(usually 5 - 10) of insulin this way.

The CDE is right that it is convenient to change
everything at the same time (reservoir, tubing, and
site), but there are many ways to make this work and
be most efficient for you.


<Snip> That's 60 units a day for 3 days, plus about 40
units to prime the set.  So does this mean I would be
throwing away 80 units of insulin every 3 days?  That
seems like quite a waste, and the money will add up
over a few months.

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