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Re:[IP] Pump and shopping

yo summer,

when i try on clothes, i just disconnect altogether without even bothering to suspend delivery.
usually i am not going to be in the dressing room for very long (since there are SO many more fun
clothes to go out and look at =D) and so the amount of insulin lost isn't all that significant. 
as for tubing length, i agree with you that the  short ones are generally hateful. i use the 43
inch, which is nice because when you drop the thing, it doesn't dangle there (and those h-trons
are MADE to hit the ground =D). also, someone expressed dissatisfaction with the whole getting out
of bed and having the pump drag after you, but YMMV-- i kind of like it. i find it's much better
than having the pump hang there and swing and hit things while you fumble your way over to the
alarm clock. the long ones are also good for dressing; you just put the thing on the chair or bed
or floor while you dress (another possible solution for shopping).

there IS one use for the short tubing, though-- if you decide to strap the pump to your leg or
thigh under a dress, like i did for a formal, the short tubes are MUCH better. no wangling with
miles of tubing that you have to tuck in somewhere. so if you anticipate having something like a
formal or other event to go to, keep a couple of those short sets around.

hope this helps!
becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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