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[IP] Summer - Shopping with pump

My best ways of dealing with trying on clothes are:
1.  put pump in your bra - if you are trying on shirts and it is interfering
with how the shirts look, etc. just put it in the back of your bra or
2.  Disconnect - only my biggest fear is forgetting the pump in the dressing
room - I always put in just inside my purse when disconnecting so if by some
weird reason I forget to connect it would still be with me.
3.  I have never tried biting the tubing as someone suggested - but (don't
yell at me about the lurking germs) in a rare occasion and when in a hurry I
have just put the corner of the pump in my mouth to hold it for just a second
while I tried something on; or after a bath or a shower; or while changing in
and out of a swimsuit in a changing room.  It really does work (I have an
animas pump and it fits fine!).
Maybe we could even get ingenious and try looping the tubing over our ear or
something like that!  I will let someone else try that one first!
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