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RE: [IP] Attention Paradigm users

That's just a few of the reasons we decided against MMM, along with the fact
that at the time we were looking at pumps the Paradigm was not
released(Jan~April '01). If we went with a 508 we could trade it in for a
Paradigm, but at the training and if we didn't like it, we couldn't go back
to the 508. I didn't like the fact that you had only a few hours to see the
pump and make an irrevocable decision to change. Also, even back then there
were numerous complaints about MMM customer service. And since the Paradigm
has been released, it seems the complaints have continued. I'm sorry for the
people that have a doctor that only offers their patient one choice of
pumps. They should offer recommendations, but not choices
Dianne, are you as happy with Animas as everyone else is?

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From: Dianne Shekell

Someone mentioned going to the diabetesnet.com site to check out a slide
show on the pump by John Walsh.  While on that site, I checked out their
comparason chart of the different pumps.  My son uses the Animas pump, but a
friend of mine just got a Paradigm for her daughter (her doctor would only
use Minimed). When looking at the Paradigm, then looking further into it's
programing issues, I found these statements (which I'm copying and pasting
from the site).  You may or may not know of these precautions.  Just in
case,  please read the following:

Despite high expectations, safety issues have arisen with this pump that
users and clinicians should be aware of. Clinicians were surprised at the
number of safety issues from a 20 year old pump company. The Paradigm is
able to deliver excellent blood sugar control, but the wearer must keep the
issues below in mind to prevent problems.

Programming Issues

Loss Of Basal Rate
Do Not Choose U-50 Insulin By Accident

Be Careful Not To Clear Pump


Do Not Retighten Dislodged Reservoir Caps Before Disconnecting


A Smaller Reservoir If You Need More Than 52 Units A Day


Improved Motor Technology

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