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Re: [IP] Any suggestions????

On 11/6/02 7:23 AM, "harbottle" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hello. I'm very excited to start on the pump but it seems like i've waited
> forever.  The present Ohio Clinical Manager is quitting and moving to
> Florida and the new manager doesn't even start on the job until 2 weeks
> after the last one is gone.  I really don't want to wait that long to start
> and I've thought about approaching my endo about it. She has several
> patients on the pump already but will she let me start without all of the
> training. Animas requires one training session, which I've had, and then
> another one for pump start.  Any suggestions on how I can approach my
> endo?I hate that my pump has been sitting in a box for over a month
> already. I can't wait, I'm so impatient and eager.

I don't blame you, I would be anxious too!   Is there another CDE that can
work with you?   If not, would one of his other experienced pumper patients
be a "pump buddy" with you?  Have you read "Pumping Insulin" more than 3
times?   Startups require close support, the first two weeks can be critical
for success.   If you encounter failures, just step back and wait to retry
when more support is available.

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