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[IP] Re:pump training variations......was waiting so long to start??

In a message dated 11/6/02 2:10:39 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> It's amazing to hear the variation in levels of training people have 
> received -- 
> everything from no training to overnight hospital admissions!  

When I was pregnant with my third child (5 years ago), the endo I was seeing 
at the time thought that I "might" benefit from pump therapy.  At the time I 
was on Humalog, Regular, Lente and Ultralente insulins.......I was taking so 
many shots a day that I felt like a human pin cushion (as if we don't 
already) and still not having that great of control!  He told me that it 
would involve a 3 day hospital stay. Anyway, in the end he decided that I was 
doing well enough on MDI which frustrated me greatly.  I had heard great 
things about pumping and REALLY wanted to go that route.  After the baby was 
born......and he was perfect despite the less than perfect blood 
sugars........I changed endos.  Not sure why I didn't do this BEFORE he was 
born, except that he was the endo that my OB referred me to and....... I was 
just overwhelmed with life in general.  So the new endo I started seeing 
immediately threw the old insulin regimen out the window greatly simplifying 
things.  On about my third visit to her I asked about getting a pump and she 
said  "sounds like a great idea to me"  then sent me to her CDE to get the 
ball rolling.  After deciding which pump I wanted (with no influence from 
anyone), we filled out the paperwork and my MM508 was at my door within 2 
weeks.  The CDE had me read the manual....play with the pump at home and then 
come in for the training with her.  That lasted less than two hours if I 
remember correctly.  She went over the programming and we inserted my first 
set right there that day.....starting with Humalog.  After that, she was 
available to me 24 hours a day by phone if needed her and she called me every 
day to go over how things were going.  I even managed to make it thru my 
first set change while battling a stomach bug with vomiting, diarrhea, the 
works.....which seemed to amaze her.

So yes the level of training required from one endo to another varies GREATLY 
even within a 15 mile radius :-)  The difference in a 3 day hospital stay and 
a 2 hour training session seems huge to me though.......financially, 
physically, emotionally, all the way around.  Who knows why they do things 
the way they do?????

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