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[IP] My first pump class

I went to my first pump class earlier this week in preparation for starting 
on the pump before the end of the year hopefully!  During the class I found 
one thing a little strange.  The CDE's would talk about changing your 
resevoir and insulin at the same time you change your infusion set.  Say you 
have anything but a Paradigm so your resevoir holds about 300 units of 
insulin.  If you change your infusion set every 3 days, and you use about 60 
units a day (probably will be TDD to start), then when you change out in 3 
days you'll still have about 80 units of insulin left in the resevoir.  
That's 60 units a day for 3 days, plus about 40 units to prime the set.  So 
does this mean I would be throwing away 80 units of insulin every 3 days?  
That seems like quite a waste, and the money will add up over a few months 
or year.  Does this sound right to everyone else, what do you all do if you 
still have a sizable amount of insulin left in your resevoir when you change 



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