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[IP] vitrectomy

Shaun wrote:
> would have a vitrectomy, which I did in thefall of 2001. 
> My surgeon assured me that I was a routine case and my vision
> would return to normal, and that the only complications were that 
> somepatients "experienced some discomfort" afterwards 

well I hate to tell you, but having had two vitrectomies, I think your doctor 
did NOT tell you the whole truth, or maybe he did, but phrased it in a nice 
rosy glow so you wouldn't hear the bad...maybe, like me, you didnt read the 
fine print cuz your (*&^&ing eye was so filled with black cobwebs you thought 
ANYTHING would be better than this...

However...he SHOULD have warned you that there can be significant 
complications following a vitrectomy.  there are times when it does not work 
and the eye continues to bleed.  He also could have touched the lens while he 
was in there which will cause the almost imeediate devlelopment of a 
cataract.  You can lose color perception and be totally blind at night.  
Bright lights and sun can affect you for a long long time. You could lose 
your eye altogether in an extreme case....These are all things that are 
listed on the "waiver" i have signed everytime i get laser with a new doctor 
and for both vitrectomies (In two states)

My first one was in June 1994, on the DAY OJ did his deed....talk about being 
upstaged...but for weeks after the eyeball looked HORRIBLE...like a bebe had 
been shot into it, ....by the end of July it was more appealing, but i 
noticed that my pupil was HUGE and no longer round and that the vision in 
that eye was definitely cloudy...in fact it was like looking through a dirty 
shower curtain.  on my next visit he told me a cataract had developed, which 
is A COMMON side affect or occurence or whatever the right word is (sue me, 
it is 1217am), so in september, i had another doctor remove that and put in a 
lens, so now I am far sighted in that eye (and near sighted in the 
other...talk about some MAJOR headaches with this).  Plus there is 
SIGNIFICANT loss of peripheral vision and lots of little blind spots.  I have 
to do the exorcist thing to look over my shoulder to change lanes.  The color 
vision has also changed....Shades of colors are gone, and when I look at a 
black light, it looks WHITE instead of purple

so when my GOOD eye started to bleed, you can understand my frustration and 
UTTER fear.  In the middle of the bleed/clear/laser fiasco that ensued for 
that eye, I moved to NYC where first I met the Witch From Hell eye doctor 
whose receptionist kept candy in the dish oon the counter (nice welcoming 
atmosphere for diabetics who ALREADY feel like they have DONE this do them 
selves for being a bad diabetic but you walk into your &#^(ing doctor's 
office and she offers you CANDY???).  SHORTLY there after i was referred to 
god on earth, my sainted and revered eye doctor who sees way too many people 
for me to hand out his name, who watched me bleed and clear less and less for 
about a year...waiting for me to decide my quality of life was so compromised 
that I had to RISK the vitrectomy, as risk indeed it is...Two eyes like the 
first one would mean I would NEVER drive again - I would be DOOMED to live in 
NYC the rest of my life, fearing that crazy bike messengers and cabs would 
nick the end off my white cane if I wasn't careful.  The night I almost fell 
into the stairs leading down to the subway, then got home and opened the 
glass cabinet right into my forehead drawing blood, (and hard enough to knock 
me so senseless that I did NOT take advantage of the free blood to do a quick 
check) and then tried to read a phone number in the phone book...that was the 
night i decided enough was enough and I had the second one done about a month 

This one was PERFECT....I had less pain (better drugs?) and didn't throw up 
from the anesthesia...While both were done wearing pumps, this time the 
anesthesia doctor knew how to work it and already had a saline drip waiting 
for me (instead of a sugar one), even though the pre op doctor RECOMMENDED I 
do it without pump....(and HE is a non pumping diabetic too...scary).  It 
LOOKED better than the first one...in fact 2 weeks after i had it, i went on 
a - pardon the pun - blind date.

I think you still may show some more improvement, but i dunno..I think it is 
horrible that your doctor didnt tell you what COULD happen....Have you been 
examined for a cataract?  Most retina doctors will not even TOUCH a 
cataract...they send you to someone else...they can tell you if you have one, 
but since they are common, perhaps that is why he says nothing is wrong with 
you...maybe you just need a new lens implanted???  I will say that my left 
eye continued to improve, both in the way it LOOKED from the outside and the 
shape and size of the pupil and the vision has even improved a little...the 
pupil is almost round now (8 years later) and does change size, but not as 
much as the other..i thnk the worst side affect besides the blind spots, 
color loss and no peripheral vision is the slightly droopy eye lid that only 
I notice....Both eyes experienced dryness for a while and the fogginess came 
and went as well, 

hang in there...maybe GET A SECOND OPINION - cant hurt, if you need a 
cataract removed, do it...it will help

> outinely have an exchange where he says the vision problem is a \
> result ofblood-sugar fluctuations and I say no, it isn't, 

then for the week before your next appointment, be real close with yourself. 
test often and LOG it and then take it in to him and when he says bg 
fluctuations, ask him to show you.  and you are right, it would affect both 
eyes, but the operated on eye, perhaps a little more (my experience)

> I wouldn't exactly call it excellent. I pray nothing happens to myother eye

I SOOOOO know how you  feel....

I hope that helps...

Sara SP AZ
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