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[IP] Re: waiting so long to start??

>We had NO training so we read the manual, watched the video and 
>went. Didn't even have PI book yet!!!

I also didn't have any formal pump training.  I figured out my own "starting" 
basals and then just tested (a lot!) and made adjustments for those first 
couple weeks.

It's amazing to hear the variation in levels of training people have received -- 
everything from no training to overnight hospital admissions!  

One thing I was wondering about: are there any statistics that show 
whether extensive training correlates to greater success on a pump?  For 
example, a hospital admission is awfully expensive (not to mention a 
considerable inconvenience -- not many people look forward to spending the 
night in a hospital!)  Is there data out there that justifies the extra 
expenditure of both time and money?

Anyway, I certainly think everyone is entitled to receive whatever level of 
training they're comfortable with, and I'm not recommending that anyone 
else start pumping w/o training -- all I can say is that it's worked out well for 

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