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Re: [IP] Pump and shopping

When I shop I do one of three things:

1) If trying on shirts, jackets, etc. I do nothing.  I keep the pump clipped
to my waist, and leave it on because it isn't in the way.

2) If trying on a few items that involve trouser changes, I clip the pump to
my bra while trying on items.

3) If trying on volumes of clothing, or dresses, I disconnect and try stuff
on.  Reconnect when I put my clothes back on.  It just makes it easier.  If
I love the dress then I figure out later how to wear the pump with it.

I find that the time I save trying stuff on is worth disconnecting for.
Typically I don't take more then 10 minutes to try stuff on and for me that
is at most .1 unit lost.  The problem is to remember to put it back on!  :)

FYI - I started with the long tubing and it drove me nuts.  The CDE
convinced me I wanted the long tubing because the short tubing was too
short.  However I was constantly stuffing tubing down my pants and finding
my pump dragging on the floor behind me when I got out of bed in the
morning.  My husband would joke that I was taking it for a walk.  I changed
to the short tubing and would NEVER go back.

-- Sherry
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