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[IP] Re: Type I or II Oral Meds or Insulin

>This was my first trip to the eye doc since being dxd in January. I've seen
>a number of other docs since then and they have all asked "didn't they try
>you on oral medication first?"

Sue, my husband was dx'd with type 1 almost 2 years ago at 42 years old. ALL
doctors will ask you if they tried pills first. Most doctors believe that
being diagnosed with type 1 as an adult is "rare". It is not rare at all.
There are some figures that say that up to 10% of people dx'd with type 2 may
actually have type 1. The progression can be slower in adults, making it look
like it could be type 2. Most doctors don't realize that half of type 1s are
dx'd before the age of 18.


Your c-peptide probably showed you were still producing insulin, because you
were probably in a honeymoon. A honeymoon lasts much longer in adults and a
lot of adults are left with some remaining beta cell function. Just because
someone still produces small amounts of insulin does not mean they do not have
type 1 diabetes. Your diagnosis is confirmed by the positive GAD antibody
test. You would not have this result unless you had type 1 or you were in the
process of developing it.

When my husband's doctor saw his strong-positive GAD antibody test, he said
there was no need to do a c-peptide on him because the GAD test confirmed his
diagnosis of type 1, whereas a c-peptide will not.

My husband's GP had tried to treat his DKA with pills! He was making large
ketones! He was on several different types of pills over the period of a week
and a half. I finally took him to the ER because he was practically comatose.
He had stopped eating carbs because they raised his blood sugar so much. If he
had been eating normally, he would have been in big trouble. In the ER, they
had no trouble diagnosing him properly...he was very underweight by the time
he was properly diagnosed. We had been told by the GP that he could not
possibly have type 1, because when he was initially diagnosed, he was not
thin...I'm glad I didn't listen!

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