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Re: [IP] Type I or II Oral Meds or Insulin

> After the blood work up at the endo's office, one of the nurses said that
> was probably type 2 because some test came back as 1.0 but she also said
> that 1.1 was the lower end acceptable.  She said it indicated the amount
> insulin my body was producing. When I spoke to the endo, he said "as
> expected, you do have Type I (Juvenile Diabetes)." I did not ask him about
> what the nurse had said figuring she probably should not have said
> and it could have gotten her into trouble. I don't see anything on the Lab
> report with a number in that range.

It sounds like they may be talking about a C-peptide test. When your body
produces insulin one of the by products is C-Peptide. This is the
"Connecting" Peptide that initially links 2 insulin chains. When your body
produces insulin this  protein is left over and can be detected in your
blood. If you take insulin by injection there is no C-peptide. Therefore the
level of this protein is indicative of the amount of insulin your pancreas
is producing. For type I the insulin production is zero or low. For type II
the level can vary from low to high depending on your level of insulin
resistance. You can read more about this test at
http://www.labtestsonline.org/. Just go to the site and search for
C-Peptide. They have lots of information.

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