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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets

Hi Jamie,

I practiced a couple times inserting an infusion set before my training
(using the method shown on the training video).  The needle looked so big,
and I wanted to be over that fear before doing it for real--it's much easier
that it might seem; and, now, after 4 months of pumping, it's a snap!

I started with insulin right away, too, with no problem.  I had spent the
past 1 1/2 years testing 6 - 10 times per day and making adjustments with
MDI, so the switch wasn't that big of a deal.

The rewards?  After 14 years of 8-12% A1c's, my first post IP A1c (after
only 2 months) was 7.0%!!!!! <:~)

Best wishes!

Lisa Mattox
IDDM 26 years

----- Original Message -----
From: "Marty Chansler" <email @ redacted>

> I was just wondering if I should practice doing an insertion with my
> quick sets before I start my training or just wait? I'm really nervous
> with that part of it. I'm not afraid of pain, just the unknown feeling I
> will have. I just started using my lancet device about a month ago,
> before I would just use the lancet and prick myself. Come to find out, it
> doesn't even hurt. I guess I like the part of controlling the timing of
> things. Also, the nurse educator from Minimedtronic informed me that I
> will start off on insulin that first day. Is that o.kay, or should I use
> saline to begin with to get used to it?
> Jamie
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