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[IP] Type I or II Oral Meds or Insulin

This will be a real test of my touch typing. I just got back from the eye
doc and my eyes are still dialated. Eyes look great.

This was my first trip to the eye doc since being dxd in January. I've seen
a number of other docs since then and they have all asked "didn't they try
you on oral medication first?" What determines whether or not oral
medication is tried? Isn't it whether you are diagnosed Type I or II? I am
wondering if these docs are questioning the determination of Type I. Is
there a definitive test that says Type I or Type II? If so and the result
said Type I would oral medication ever be tried?"

My symptoms at the time were the standard severe thirst, weight loss while
eating big time, occasional vomiting. Body fat lower than that of the
female, marathon running nurse. I had a fasting glucose of 321 at my yearly
physical. They did not call me to let me know. I did a search on the
internet of my symptoms and that is where I got the idea to try  the
Keto-Diastix that we had from when my husband tried the Atkins diet. The
strips showed my glucose to be in the 500 range and my Ketones showed 160.
At the time, I was running a couple of miles a day. I called Lifesigns where
I had my physical and had them check my report that they were going to mail
me at the end of the week. It showed a fasting bg rate of 321. It also
listed my symptoms and my exercise routine. (I'm not going back)

At the endo, my HbA1s was 13.7. Another number that I think was pertinent
was the GAD-65 at 34.8.

After the blood work up at the endo's office, one of the nurses said that I
was probably type 2 because some test came back as 1.0 but she also said
that 1.1 was the lower end acceptable.  She said it indicated the amount of
insulin my body was producing. When I spoke to the endo, he said "as
expected, you do have Type I (Juvenile Diabetes)." I did not ask him about
what the nurse had said figuring she probably should not have said anything
and it could have gotten her into trouble. I don't see anything on the Lab
report with a number in that range.

Are these symptoms/lab results enough to distinguish the Type?
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