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[IP] Vitrectomy results

I am a Type 1 and fairly well controlled; my only complication after 30-odd
years as a diabetic has been some background retinopathy requiring
occasional laser zaps. However, two summers ago I had a major bleed in one
eye which did not clear. After about 6 months of watching, my eye
specialist, by all accounts my city's best, tried a trial drug that is
injected into the eye and apparently often clears out the blood. It didn't
work for me, and so we agreed I would have a vitrectomy, which I did in the
fall of 2001. My surgeon assured me that I was a routine case and my vision
would return to normal, and that the only complications were that some
patients "experienced some discomfort" afterwards and there was, of course,
always a risk of infection with surgery.

In the year since, my vision has not returned to normal. I have periods of
cloudiness or fogginess in the eye, and periods of dryness as if I have a
dry contact lens in the eye. I am never able to read ordinary type with that
eye, with or without glasses (I can sometimes make out headlines and big
signs), and my optometrist says no change to my lens prescription will
improve things. Not a problem but also curious is that the pupil of my
operated eye is noticeably smaller than my other pupil.

At all my follow-up visits to the surgeon, I describe what I experience. We
routinely have an exchange where he says the vision problem is a result of
blood-sugar fluctuations and I say no, it isn't, that would affect both eyes
the same way and anyway, blood-sugar fluctuations blur the vision, they
don't cloud it. He has no explanation for my other complaints and says I am
doing "excellently." As someone who relies for my livelihood on my ability
to read, I wouldn't exactly call it excellent. I pray nothing happens to my
other eye.

I'm curious how many other people have had vitrectomies with similar
disappointing results. I find it hard to believe I'm the first of my
surgeon's thousands of patients to have had this outcome, and I find it hard
to believe he has no explanation. But maybe it's more common than he lets

Thanks for any info,
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