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Re: [IP] new insurance new pump

Thanks for all the replies on this one.  I definitely agree with George
on the fact that if I had a doctor where SHE told ME what pump to get,
I'd be looking on the doctor list.  I'm happy to hear a doctor's
recommendations, but they certainly are not making the final decision
for me.

After a year and a half with MM, I've learned a lot from this list and
by my own personal experiences.  I really know now what I need and
expect from a pump company now. 

As some of you may recall, I had six 508's in my first five months
because of static problems.  I got my Paradigm in July as part of the
exchange program, and I am already on a loaner, as my started
malfunctioning within 8 days of getting it.  I spent many HOURS on hold
waiting for technical support at MM and have become thoroughly
discouraged by the company.

What I have come away with is:  (1) I still love pumping even with all
the bad company experiences I've had; (2) this probably isn't the
company I should be dealing with; and (3) being forced into a new
insurance plan is a good time for me to explore other options that might
be open to me with other pump companies.  I would hope that if the new
company refuses to give me a pump, I might be able to get a pretty good
trade in on my Paradigm, as it is a top of the line pump (supposedly),
and other companies seem to offer some sort of trade in deals.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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