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[IP] Re: Starting IP on your own

Seven years ago I received my pump while my endo was on vacation so I did a 
quick study of the book Pumping Insulin and decided to forge ahead on my own. 
I am smart and I thought I knew all I needed to handle it plus I had a very 
supportive husband who understands diabetes and technology. Well, it turned 
out that my control during that period was the worst it had ever been. I kept 
getting high readings time and time again that I did not understand. By the 
time my endo returned, I was so frustrated that I put the pump away for five 
years! Two years ago I tried it again successfully but this time I got a lot 
of training. I only wish I hadn't waited so long to get back on it. It has so 
many benefits and really is the gold standard of care for IDDM. So my advice 
is to read all the materials but wait until you have someone who is helping 
you work out all those rates and ratios! Best of luck.

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