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re:[IP] Paradigm or Minimed 508

>>>What are the advantages of a Paradigm over a 508 ?<<<

There is one key disadvantage that I think you should be aware of.  The Paradigm has a volatile memory.  That means that if you take too long changing the batteries, or with some alarms, the pump will "forget" all its previous settings like maximum bolus, maximum basal, your basal rate settings and profiles, etc.

The 508 is like the rest of the pumps on the market (to my knowledge -- if there are any others with a volatile memory let me know) in that its memory is non-volatile.  That means it is like a computer.  If you turn it off or it has no power for a period of time, when you replace the battery, it will remember the previous settings without having to be reprogrammed.

I know there are a lot of people that doesn't matter to.  It matters to me.  I think it is a factor to consider in deciding between the two pumps.

If you don't mind that, it isn't an issue, but I thought you might and wanted to mention it.
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