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Re: [IP] a1c

Congratulations, it's so nice to hear news like that. My first A1C after being
on the pump was 5.8 after spending the past 6 yrs (which is how long I have
been a diabetic) being pretty much 8 and above. Considering that I am pregnant
and have worked so hard, I too was happy to hear the results. It certainly
motivates me, especially when I have days that just don't seem to go right. It
also motivates me to hear other peoples success stories. It's amazing what
hard work and persistence can do, it sure pays of though. Once again,
congratulations.  :)


On Friday, Nov 1, my 14th anniversary of living with diabetes I got the best
news ever. After being on the pump (after a 2 year vacation) for 2.5 months
my a1c went from 12.0 to 7.5! I hate to say it but that is the best a1c I
have EVER had! I didn't think that my a1c had gone down that far, I really
thought that it would be in the 9s.
I am now testing anywhere from 6-14+ times a day. Somehow I have managed to
clear from all complications. I am planning on keeping it that way! For the
people on this list who are wondering if they should go on a pump I hope that
my *story* will persuade them to try it. Yes, it requires a commitment, but
it is an important commitment to make. It is a commitment to life.

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