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[IP] a1c

On Friday, Nov 1, my 14th anniversary of living with diabetes I got the best 
news ever. After being on the pump (after a 2 year vacation) for 2.5 months 
my a1c went from 12.0 to 7.5! I hate to say it but that is the best a1c I 
have EVER had! I didn't think that my a1c had gone down that far, I really 
thought that it would be in the 9s. My endo just looked at me with this big 
smile and told me the wonderful news and I started crying! He really didn't 
have many suggestions for me because I told him exactly where the problems 
were and how I was planning on fixing them. He agreed with my assessment. He 
turned to the resident that was in the room and said "look at how often she 
tests herself!" I just sat there with this goofy grin on my face and tears of 
joy running down me cheeks. It is hard to imagine that I am the same patient 
that was "fired" from one endo (he has become a close family friend but 
decided that I needed another endo and that he was better off doing research 
which he is doing very well) and go for months without testing myself. I am 
now testing anywhere from 6-14+ times a day. Somehow I have managed to stay 
clear from all complications. I am planning on keeping it that way! For the 
people on this list who are wondering if they should go on a pump I hope that 
my *story* will persuade them to try it. Yes, it requires a commitment, but 
it is an important commitment to make. It is a commitment to life. 

dxd age 7 1988  
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