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[IP] Re: New pump questions

Personally, I find the best place to keep the pump while sleeping is clipped 
right up at the neckline of my T-shirt or whatever I am wearing to bed. Note 
of warning though: if there are more than 3 people in the bed, make sure 
tubing is running up UNDER your clothing!
 Our 4 year old likes to climb into bed with hubby and me, full size bed, but 
we usually manage. Well, a few nights ago, she climbed in with us, I didn't 
even notice till I felt this burning in my leg- sheesh, what is wrong with my 
site? Of course, she somehow managed to WRAP HER LEG around the tubing, : )  
I managed to get her unwrapped without pulling the site out (good thing, I 
hate 4 am site changes!). Later the next morning, I run from the restroom to 
answer the phone (darn telemarketers grrrrrr), now you guys KNOW I ripped 
that site right outta my leg making the phone dash!
 - Moral of the story- There is just no saving a doomed infusion set, no 
matter how hard you may try! 
     Jacky D.
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