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RE: [IP] New Pump Questions

At 05:47 PM 11/4/02, janet wrote:
>I just wanted to share my sleep-time method which I think must have been 
>shared already!
>I got along with my pump (H-tron) a white cloth case (it has a little 
>window to see the screen).  I Put a leather string on it to make it like a 
>necklace and that's how I go to bed.  The first night with my pump was 
>interesting!  I was so aware of it ALL night long!  but I slept well!  I 
>just had in the back of my mind, "you have your pump on, don't get choked 
>or anything, Janet!"  It's sort of hard to explain but that was my initial 
>experience.  All nights after that, NO BIG DEAL!  I sleep like a baby and 
>my pump (in necklace form:-) is a part of me.

I also wear my H-Tron the same way.  Works for me.

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