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Re: [IP] diabetes insipidus

Sounds to me like there is a form of gestational diabetes
insipidus where the person urinates a lot but does not have the
bg problems and insulin resistance found with the regular
gestational diabetes. Maybe that explains why some pg women pee
like racehorses? ;)The form of gestational diabetes we're all
familiar with is a form of type 2 (and many women who have it go
on to develop type 2 later in life). With it you do get the high
bgs and insulin resistance (many are diet controlled, some
require insulin), not just excessive urination.

To sum it up, I think there is only one form of 'gestational
diabetes' but there is also (apparently) a form of
'gestagenic/gestational diabetes insipidus' (note the inclusion
of the word 'insipidus' on the latter). Obviously two very
different things (just like 'Diabetes Mellitus' and 'Diabetes
Insipidus'). That's my take. Make sense (hope so!)?

I hope some of the medical people here will respond to this. I
find this stuff very interesting. If I have time later I will
look into it more.

Take care, Kerri
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Does anyone know the answer to this? The organizations for
insipidus say that gestation diabetes is a form of diabetes
insipidus. But
if that were the case, the urine lost would not have a high
glucose content
(because diabetes insipidus is not diabetes mellitus where there
is a
spilling of glucose)

"Gestagenic, also known as gestational is also caused by a
deficiency of
the antidiuretic hormone, vasopressin, that occurs only during

Or... are there two forms of gestational diabetes.
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