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[IP] Humalog Ingredients - phenol

Any chemist members?

I called Eli Lilly Canada at 1-888-545-5972. The U.S. toll-free number 
is 1-800-545-5979.

A 'Medical Information Associate' faxed me their insulin ingredients.  
They would not
  e-mail them.

I am assuming the ingredients in their insulins are the same in Canada 
and the United States.

I am now awaiting a return call so I can obtain more detailed 
information.  I understand this may take 4 or 5 business days.  I did a 
net search for M-cresol and feel a bit frightened with what I 
found...eg. M-cresol is used in herbicides.

I have severe 'Multiple Chemical Sensitivity' with a major mould 
allergy - penicillium being the big one.  One of the M-cresol sites 
regarding "pathways", from the University of Minnesota, referred to 
"penicillium."  I am not a chemist and I was lost in the technical 

I would very much appreciate a chemist's direction to a reliable web 
source or text that would tell me, in as plain language as possible, 
what all these ingredients are.

Humalog Excipients
-Lispro insulin zinc crystals
-M-cresol distilled
-Dibasic Sodium Phosphate
-Zinc Oxide
-Water for injection
-Hydrochloric acid solution 10%
-Sodium Hydroxide solution 10%
Buffer - phosphate

Please note phenol isn't an ingredient of Humalog.  It is listed as an 
ingredient ( specifically, 'liquified phenol distilled') in these Eli 
Lilly insulins:

-Humulin N
-Humulin Premixes
-Humalog Mix25
-Iletin II NPH, Pork

Thanks for your help.
undx-2 yrs; dx-27 yrs; Canadian
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