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Re: [IP] Starting on your own

> I have had my pump for two months and still haven't started because
> of scheduling problems.  Has anyone ever started on their own, and
> what where the repercussions if any.  I know the pump box has a big
> warning not to start on your own, but after being on this site for
> many months, going to the dieticians for carb counting, talking to
> the pump people, and reading Pumping Insulin and other books, I feel
> that I could start with no problem.  Comments?

Wait. Starting basals and ratios are a tough to determine accurately. 
You want your medical team on "standby" for any problem that develop 
during the startup phase. Many folks use quite a bit less insulin on 
a pump than when they were managing with MDI so it is possible and 
likely that you will need 24/7 support when starting.

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