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Re: [IP] results of kidney test

> I usually just lurk quietly in the background reading the digests
> but today I really need some help from the "experts". My daughter
> who is 15, been diabetic for 13 years & has been pumping for 2 years
> just recieved the news that she has protein showing in her urine.
> The urinalysis showed protein & the 24 hour urine returned with a
> reading of 31...pretty close to normal but not quite...  the doctor
> says higher amounts of protein can be caused by "posturing" so he is
> ordering another test. One collected during the daytime hours then a
> seperate one collected during the night time hours. Has anyone ever
> heard of this??? And what do you recommend?? 

This is EXACTLY what happened to Lily last year. We paid a visit to 
the Nephrologist and he ran so more test that turned up negative on 
the protein. Simply said to check again in a year. He is very 
meticulous and careful so I trust his judgement -- also came highly 
recommended. Basically he said that it is very easy to get a reading 
that shows trace amount of protein in the urine. A cold, infection, 
stress -- all can contribute to a SINGLE funny reading. It certainly 
does not hurt to have an annual check by a specialist. If ACE 
inhibitors are indicated, they have proven safe for millions of 
people that take them routinely every day.

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