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Re: [IP] Hot tubs

> I haven't used a hot tub since I started pumping in July.  But in my pump
> training, the CDE said that a hot tub was not only bad for the pump, but
> would ruin the insulin under the skin causing high blood sugars after I
> reconnected.  Her advice was to disconnect and then change the set after
> using a hot tub.  I don't know how valid this advice is; the high blood
> sugar problem hasn't been reported here yet by any real pump users.
Lots of pumpers enjoy hot tubs. What you have to be aware of it that 
the hot water cause a large increase in circulation to the skin. 
This, in turn, causes an increase in insulin absorption. If you are 
just running basal it probably does not make any difference, however, 
if you just bolused for a meal or snack it can cause the bolus to be 
absorbed more quickly than you expect causing a low (followed by a 
high of course) due to the change in timing. It is not desirable to 
get the insulin in your pump hot so don't wear the pump into the 
water, or set it on the edge. Insulin deteroriates many many times 
faster at 100 degrees F than it does at nominal room temperature. A 
short dip won't hurt since the cartridge will be changed out in a few 
days anyway.

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