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Re: [IP] birth control patch

I don't have dm but I do use the ortho evra bc patch. It is
progesterone only, like the mini-pill or the progesterone shot.
You can wear a patch a week and take a week off, or you can wear
a patch a week continuously and have no periods (woo hoo!) I was
told I could do it either way with no harm. I like it because I
don't have to remember to take anything, I just have to mark my
calendar to change it once a week (they even give you stickers
for this). I've had no side effects and I don't even know it's
there (I do check every day to make sure all edges are down as is
recommended but other than that, don't notice it). It is like
other bc's in that, certain meds can interfere with it so you
need to be sure to check on med interactions.  I love it!

Take care, Kerri
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Juli said:
Has anyone out there tried the new birth control patch that you
wear for a
week?  It took me a while to find the right pill, but right now I
am on a lower
dose one (doc said that's best for dmers).  My sugars only go low
once a month
for 3-4 days, no other real hormonal bg fluctuations.  I would
love a patch but
not sure if I want to risk my bgs going nuts.
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