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Re: [IP] Bad Cannulas

> Have you reported the bad lots and sent them back?  MM will analyse, as I
> believe will the other companies.  FDA wants to hear about this as well.

When I have returned something damaged or used, I mark it somehow very
obviously with a permanent marker. I bought a 5# tub of peanut butter that
was *burned.* When we opened it there was 1/4 of it missing. Someone had
obviously returned it and it was placed back on the shelf for *me* to
purchase. I put a very large black X on the lid so it couldn't be re-placed.

Even infusion sets from a batch of seemingly bad ones can be marked like
this so the company can open them proving no user contamination. Quality
control needs to see these items as well. The problem needs to be identified
and corrected for future products. (~_^)

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