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Re: [IP] Insulin reaction "feelings"

I have different symptoms from lows on occasion as well...including the 
sick-to-your-stomach feeling you mentioned.  In fact, I'll get such a 
strong and sudden onset of sick feeling that I have to lay down on the 
floor on my back immediately for fear of throwing up.  I never do 
(throw up), and I have to force myself to get some food in me.  Usually 
within a short time, the feelings pass.  

What I've determined is that the sick feeling is actually an EXTREME 
hunger caused because your body has already digested as much food as 
you had in your system, and is TRYING to digest more to get some 
carbs.  I find that the sick feeling usually happens when I have more 
extreme lows.

Anyhow, my typicaly lows are shakiness, weakness, and feeling 
hot/sweaty.  Less frequently I have extreme tiredness (not sleepiness), 
blurred vision, incoherancy, that sick feeling, and extreme hunger. 
Unlike most people, I am unable to sleep when I have lows.  If I start 
to have a low during the night, I find that I cannot stay asleep (which 
is a good thing!).  I rarely have lows that go below 50 during the 
night as a result.

As far as what causes differing symptoms, that is hard to say.  I do 
know that when I'm extremely exhausted, it tends to mask my normal 
symptoms, and so the more extreme symptoms (blurred vision, etc.) tend 
to be my first sign...though, by then I'm usually much lower.  The few 
times in my life where I've gone so low as to loose my memory of what 
was happening around me (almost acting drunk) was during times of 
extreme exhaustion (once, after a 14 hour day in extreme heat at an 
amusement park...and another time, after working several hours in 105 
degree temperatures at a Little Caesars). I'm now much more careful 
about such times.  Anyhow, I don't really know why I sometimes get that 
sick feeling.  I can't find a consistant pattern...and it is relatively 


>I was just curious about everyone else's insulin reactions.  I know we 
>all different, but I have been curious as to the difference between 
>different types of "feelings" I have when my BS is low.  I've noticed 
>the majority of times my BS is low, I feel weak, heart pounding, 
>hungry, etc. (normal).  But, I have also noticed a few other times 
that are 
>much more rare where I almost feel nauseous and eating is the last 
thing I 
> want to do.  So, instead of feeling weak and shakey, I feel sick to 
> stomach.  Later...I start to get a little shakey like a normal 
>reaction...but almost after my BS is back in the normal range.  This 
> happened to me last night, so I thought I would ask if anyone else 
had had 
> this same feeling...and/or if anyone knows if there is something that 
> one of these "feelings" happen, instead of the other.
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