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Re: [IP] Insulin reaction "feelings"

I have the same *exact* experience, with all those same symptoms, weakness, 
etc. I used to think the sick to my stomach feeling was because I ate 
something sweet to bring my glucose back up but then I started to see that 
I felt that way before I'd treated the low blood sugar.

One thing you didn't mention but happens to me is I get severe headaches. 
This is what I've noticed since starting Humalog, (which is why I was 
wondering why Humalog has such a toxic substance as phenol in it.)

My target is 100 but I don't always achieve this, and often when I do for 
several days at a time I get severe headaches that last for days. I'm 
wondering if it's truly because of low blood sugar or if it's an ingredient 
in Humalog that I'm having a reaction to.

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