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Re: [IP] Re: Starting on your own

At 01:21 PM 11/4/02, you wrote:
>I can't even imagine waiting for 2 months to be trained. I've waited for 3
>weeks and that is driving me absolutely crazy.  I've had the carb training,
>but still waiting on the actual pump training. I've also read the "Pumping
>Insulin" book. I'm half tempted to start myself also, but know I really
>shouldn't. Are you with Animas? I am. I never dreamed it would take this
>long.  My trainer has been on vacation for two weeks. Shouldn't they have
>more than one trainer available?  It sounds to me as if they only have one
>trainer per State.  Aren't there more pumpers out there?
>                                                                    Sue

That's probably why it's taking so long..a very large increase in those who 
pump, along with a limited number of pump trainers.

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