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Re: [IP] Insulin reaction "feelings"

On Mon, 04 Nov 2002 11:22:42 -0600, Dani Davidson wrote:
>I was just curious about everyone else's insulin reactions.  I know we are
>all different, but I have been curious as to the difference between two
>different types of "feelings" I have when my BS is low.  I've noticed that
>the majority of times my BS is low, I feel weak, heart pounding, sweaty,
>hungry, etc. (normal).  But, I have also noticed a few other times that are
>much more rare where I almost feel nauseous and eating is the last thing I
>want to do.  So, instead of feeling weak and shakey, I feel sick to my
>stomach.  Later...I start to get a little shakey like a normal
>reaction...but almost after my BS is back in the normal range.  This just
>happened to me last night, so I thought I would ask if anyone else had had
>this same feeling...and/or if anyone knows if there is something that makes
>one of these "feelings" happen, instead of the other.

I have found that although one symptom seems to be the most common symptom
for me, there are other symptoms that occur less often. I have heard that
the particular symptom is influenced by the rate at which the BS is
dropping. As an engineer this makes sense to me. Symptoms also vary from
person to person. I have also found that my symptoms have changed over the

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