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[IP] results of kidney test

I usually just lurk quietly in the background reading the digests but today
I really need some help from the "experts". My daughter who is 15, been
diabetic for 13 years & has been pumping for 2 years just recieved the news
that she has protein showing in her urine. The urinalysis showed protein &
the 24 hour urine returned with a reading of 31...pretty close to normal but
not quite...  the doctor says higher amounts of protein can be caused by
"posturing" so he is ordering another test. One collected during the daytime
hours then a seperate one collected during the night time hours. Has anyone
ever heard of this??? And what do you recommend?? I'm not excited about
starting her on an ACE inhibitor but if she needs it then of course we
would... She is a cheerleader so if the doctor says protein can be caused by
different postures- she certainly does get into some interesting ones..alot
of stretching & turning & doing the splits... If anyone has some light they
could shed on this for me I'd love to hear from you...either directly or I
will eventually see it on the digest. Thanks "muchly" from, Kathy(Jessicas
pump mom)
The McAfee's
email @ redacted
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