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[IP] Insulin reaction "feelings"

Hey everyone -

I was just curious about everyone else's insulin reactions.  I know we are 
all different, but I have been curious as to the difference between two 
different types of "feelings" I have when my BS is low.  I've noticed that 
the majority of times my BS is low, I feel weak, heart pounding, sweaty, 
hungry, etc. (normal).  But, I have also noticed a few other times that are 
much more rare where I almost feel nauseous and eating is the last thing I 
want to do.  So, instead of feeling weak and shakey, I feel sick to my 
stomach.  Later...I start to get a little shakey like a normal 
reaction...but almost after my BS is back in the normal range.  This just 
happened to me last night, so I thought I would ask if anyone else had had 
this same feeling...and/or if anyone knows if there is something that makes 
one of these "feelings" happen, instead of the other.

Dani (diagnosed 4/1987 at age 9....pumping since 4/2002)

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