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[IP] Re: Mini Med Leadership

> Well said, Don!

> Have you e mailed your letter to Jeffery McCaulley, Mini Med's new
> CEO?  I believe Jeffery became the new CEO at the beginning of
> September. I understand he is interested in improving service;
> interested in our suggestions.

Jeffery's e-mail address is: <email @ redacted>

His fax number is 818-576-5083.

At the beginning of September I was able to reach his voice mail
directly ( by calling the 800 number and asking to speak to the CEO).  I
left a message and his secretary was excellent with her follow up.

Your wife is so lucky to have such a strong advocate and so are we.
Your letter helps all of us.

Heartfelt thanks,
Undx -2; dx -27; Canadian

> ------------------------------
> Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 20:23:47 -0700
> From: "Don Crooks" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] To The Leadership of MiniMED
> Attention All MiniMED Representatives:
> Before buying your product, the Paradigm, my wife and I watched your
> marketing video which said how you would be there to support us through
> any
> difficulty and any technical deficiencies.  We took a lot of time to
> make
> sure that the pump we selected would come from a first class
> corporation.
> We chose MiniMed because we believed that you would take care of us.  We
> chose to use pump technology because we believed it would help my wife
> to
> better control her sugar levels and so that we could get to an A1-C
> that we
> could have children of our own with as little risk of birth defects as
> possible.
> We had our first paradigm for three months.  Why only three months?
> Because
> it broke down with some E21 error.  When my wife called tech support to
> help
> troubleshoot her  pancreas the response was, All our technical
> service
> representatives are assisting other customers.  May I please take your
> information and have someone call you back?  In other words  We have
> chosen to save costs by not staffing enough technical service
> representatives to assist customers who are experiencing technical
> issues
> with the artificial pancreas we have sold them.  Can we call you back
> later?  As if there was some choice.  As if we could say, No, well
> call
> Diesetronic instead.
> We waited for a period of 1 hour without a call.  So we called you
> again,
> and got exactly the same treatment as before.  Another hour went by,
> and we
> called a third time  refusing to wait for a call back because MiniMed
> had
> lost so much of our credibility at this point.  Of course, we were then
> instantly routed to a technician who agreed to next day a replacement
> pump.
> We have had our replacement pump for 1 week, and guess what?  We are
> right
> back where we started.  Weve made the call, and received the same
> line 
> Let us call you back.  And we are waiting once again for closure to
> this
> revolving issue.
> My wife has diabetis, I do not.  I do not pretend to understand the
> obstacles that diabetics face every day.  But I know my wife, and I know
> that she is very frustrated  as am I, by the severe lack of service we
> are
> getting from MiniMed at this point.  She is frustrated because this
> little
> plastic thing that the average person at MiniMed associates with
> something
> as insignificant as a pager is her pancreas.  If she was not a
> diabetic, she
> would be in an emergency room right now  thats how urgent this is.
> But
> the response we get from Mini Med is, Well call you back.
> The leadership of MiniMed will read this letter, and rationalize their
> behavior by saying, We told you to keep surrenges on hand  arent you
> using those? and We never said that this technology was infallible.
> And
> Were doing the best we can to staff up for this.
> We are using syringes right now.  And we will go to NPH if necessary.
> And
> it is painfully obvious that the technology is not infallible.  The
> bottom
> line is, we are in a recession.  It should not be that difficult to find
> staff to support your call center.  The primary mission of the call
> center
> should be to be able to get me on ABSOLUTELY NO LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES
> with
> the person I can speak to who can make a difference.
> When we heard of pump technology, it opened a door for us to be able to
> have
> children.  The main reason we decided to buy a pump is because it
> minimized
> the likelihood of birth defects in children of diabetic mothers.  Poor
> blood
> sugar control significantly raises the likelihood of spine ebifida and
> other
> birth defects during the first trimester.  If this was our first
> trimester,
> I cringe at this level of service.
> Just because your marketing materials advertise that this equipment is
> the
> size of a pager does not mean that it is as insignificant as a pager.
> With
> PageNet, for example, I could have a replacement pager tomorrow.  With
> your
> product, I will not have a replacement until Tuesday.  If I was
> experiencing
> technical difficulties with my pager, I could call for support and
> instantly
> have a technical person on the phone with me to help me out/
> troubleshoot
> over the phone.  A pager costs $20 and is used by significantly more
> people
> than an insulin pump.  An insulin pump costs $5,000 and is in use by a
> very
> small percentage of the population.
> Please take immediate action to to get on the same paradigm with your
> customers.  This paradigm flows from the viewpoint that this pump is
> like an
> artificial pancreas.  It is that critical.  It does not matter that it
> is
> external.  It does not matter that it is not closed loop.  What matters
> is
> that your customers, as well as your potential customers, are making
> life
> changing decisions this very second to use this product to increase the
> quality of their own lives.  Some of us are even relying on it to
> increase
> the quality of life for our future children.
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