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[IP] Re: Minimed


Well, I'm so sorry some of you have had problems with Minimed/Medtronic. I
had to call Friday evening because Lauren's buttons on her 508 were sticking
from time to time. No crisis, but I did want to know what caused it. I did
get someone who said "someone will call you back." Since I'd read the posts
here, I innocently said, "Oh, have you changed your system?" The woman said
no, it was temporary because they are doing a massive training of new techs
right now to be available to answer calls immediately, and that they will
all be up and running soon. I don't know if she's telling the truth, but
that's what she said. So I hung up and got my call back in about 10 minutes.
They said they'd replace the pump and I told them not to rush since it was
working, just being weird sometimes. That was 6-ish eastern time, in the
evening. At 10 a.m. the next morning (Saturday) the pump arrived. That's
pretty good service.

But I DO agree you should NEVER have to wait an hour. I also think if this
is temporary, they should take "emergency" calls like yours immediately,
with little or no time to wait, and put off ones like mine, which really
could have waiting.

I might also just be lucky. Every time I fly to Wyoming everyone's skis but
mine get lost for a day or two. Somehow, mine always get there. Maybe it's
the same for my daughter's pumps, but we've always had a good experience
with Minimed.


Mom of Lauren, 11, pumping two years
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