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[IP] Bent Cannulas

I've been having this same problem the past couple of weeks and posted a similar question just the other day.  People have been recommending that I try the Silhouettes for better results, as did MiniMed when I talked to them to report the problem.  Someone else on this list thinks they had a bad batch of inserters from Disetronic, which is what I was wondering about too.  Things worked fine for a couple of months with only the occasional kink, and then I went through 5 sets in 8 days - all from a new box.  MiniMed didn't admit there could be a problem with the sets themselves, but I think there's a definite possibility.  As Murphy's Law would have it, the last Quick Set I put in has been working perfectly, so I have yet to try the Sils, but I'm going to try one today when I switch out.  Thanks for all the suggestions everybody.

(dx'd 3/02)
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