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On 11/4/02 7:06 AM, "Pamela Payne" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> We got new sets with a different lot number and presto chango no bent cannulas
> from set one. Amazing. I must admit that I was duplicitous at the end. They
> wanted me to send the unused sets back to them. Oh I agreed on the phone but
> they never got them back. No way was I going to send those faulty cannulas
> back so they could pass them onto some other unsuspecting pumper. As soon as
> the new ones arrived and we used a few sets with no problems I threw the old
> ones in the trash. When it comes to stable insulin delivery I think the
> suspicion of a problem is enough evidence to suggest swift and decisive
> actions, like a trash can.

> So remember that you are dealing with manufactured products and things can go
> wrong in the production of the items.

In no way do I mean to question the problems that you encountered, but if
you had "opened" the packages of defective sets and then returned them that
would have prevented them from reselling them to another user and would have
allowed them to make a "technical inspection" of their defective goods and
possibly corrected any error in the manufacturing process.  Remember that
manufacturers cannot always decipher the cause of errors from a users
statements relating the problems over the phone.   Otherwise you might see a
lot of MAUDE reports stating "user did not return xxxxx to manufacturer for
inspection"        B>)

George      :>)
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