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[IP] Bent cannulas

Has anyone else had this problem?  Could it be a bad batch of inserters?
I'm going to try the paradigm soft set when they arrive in the mail (they
sent me the 508 by mistake, grrr), but for now, I'm gonna try shots.

Hi Julie,
I had the very same problem, though not to the degree you are having it.  I
talked to someone about it at MM.  They instructed me that when using the
inserter for the quickset,  to allow the needle and the inserter to just touch
the skin.  Just hold it there and don't press down at all.  Also when finished
inserting, don't press down on the introducer needle and be sure to pull it
straight out.  I did these things and it worked, I haven't had a bent cannula
since.  Hope this helps and that you are feeling better.

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